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As a golf fanatic I'm always wanting to play better golf and hate playing badly. So like every golfer out there I've tried everything, a number of professional coaches, online tuition, tips in magazines, hours of practice on my own and thrown money at new equipment. None of these really gave me a clear idea of what I was doing and I often found myself back at square one. This all changed when I met Tim. At our first session Tim asked me what I wanted to achieve and ever since we've been working towards these and have made huge strides. 
In the time I've been with Tim my huge fade has gone replaced with a lovely draw(one of my goals) I'm hitting the ball 60-70 yards further off the tee. I'm now a single handicap golfer( another goal). I've won 6 club medals and a gold medal. All this in 6 months which says everything you need to know about Tim. My only regret was not seeing Tim earlier. His understanding of your game and the constant support he gives will improve your game and make you a better golfer. Highly recommended!!!

Guy Portlock - Donnignton Valley & Caversham Heath GC

Tim Butler gets results! After months of stagnation in my game and handicap, I booked an initial lesson with Tim on the recommendation of my playing partner. Best golfing decision I had made all year. Tim is instantly likeable, and with the experience and knowledge he's gained by playing professional tour golf, he has the ability to instantly assess and fix issues in the range. Within 2 lessons I had dropped my handicap, added the driver back to my bag again after nearly a years absence, and placed 1st and 3rd in my first 2 club competitions entered at my new club. 

Equally valuable, if not more so, is the after sales service Tim offers. He is readily available by phone or mail, encourages phone calls and updates from the student weekly, and is a reliable support and friend off the course.
My golf buddies constantly comment on my game improvement, my confidence on the course and the lower scores I'm shooting. 
Having started as a 24 handicap player a year ago, and currently playing off 14, Tim has given me the skills and confidence to enjoy my golf again

Andre Claassen - Caversham Heath

After many years of 'golf frustration' I discovered Tim through a friend. His patient, clear and motivating style have helped me improve my golf immeasurably. I now have a handicap which is improving and am playing regularly with a variety of golfers...... and most important of all I am loving playing and thoroughly enjoying my lessons.

K.P -Sandford Springs GC

For years I had struggled with a slice and eventually decided to have a lesson.  I was sceptical when after watching me hit 10 balls he said right we'll have that sorted by the end of the lesson.  25 minutes later they were not all straight but 80% were, and that's more than I had hit straight all year!  Lessons and practice are the only way to get good.

Paul Curtis

I have known Tim since he was an aspiring young golfer at Newbury and
Crookham Golf Club. I have played golf with Tim invitation events and Pro-Am

I have also received tuition from him find that in my case, where I have
playing for over 50 years, he does not try to overcomplicate matters but
only corrects fundamental  errors that have 'crept into you technique'. 
I also know that he has the skills and personality to teach complete
beginners and all players across the spectrum of ability.

Chris Moore - Dawlish Warren GC & NRGC

Having absolutely no interest whatsoever in golf, I was talked into sharing beginner lessons with a friend in autumn 2012.  Tim immediately put me at ease and, in a simple step-by-step process not only taught me the basics of golf but completely inspired me!  I am now a full participating member of NRGC and, only 18 months after my first lesson, won the nett Ladies Club Championship!  The best 60th birthday present ever!  When I start to get lazy or sloppy, I'll book another lesson with Tim and we'll choose an area to work on - be it swing, stance, grip or general course management - and I always look forward to getting back out on the course as I know I'll see the improvement.  Golf has been a life-changer and I am indebted to Tim for introducing me to this glorious sport and for being such an inspiration

Dianne McIntyre - NRGC

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